Clidemia aguilarii Kriebel & Almeda

Clidemia_aguilarii_RK5331A. Habit. B. Leaf adaxial surface. C. Side view of flower. D. Infructescence. E. Flower from spirit collection. F. Longitudinal section of a hypanthium and ovary. G. Petal adaxial view. H. Petal abaxial view. I. Petal side view (the bottom, widest point is the apex of the petal). J. Stamen. K. Anther. L. Anther pores. M. Style. Voucher. Costa Rica: San José, Puriscal, Camino entre Puriscal y P. N. La Cangreja, 9.7197669, -84.4014329, 700 m, 1 de agosto 2008, R. Kriebel 5331 (INB).

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