Clidemia D. Don

Clidemia aguilarii Kriebel & Almeda
Clidemia allenii Almeda
Clidemia almedae Kriebel
Clidemia aurantiaca Almeda & Kriebel
Clidemia biolleyana Cogn.
Clidemia capitellata (Bonpl.) D. Don
Clidemia ciliata D. Don var. elata (Pittier) Uribe
Clidemia clandestina Almeda
Clidemia collina Gleason
Clidemia coloradensis Almeda
Clidemia coronata Gleason
Clidemia costaricensis Cogn. & Gleason ex Gleason
Clidemia crenulata Gleason
Clidemia cuatrecasasii Wurdack
Clidemia cymifera Donn. Sm.
Clidemia davidsei Almeda
Clidemia densiflora (Standl.) Gleason
Clidemia dentata D. Don
Clidemia diffusa Donn. Sm.
Clidemia discolor (Triana) Cogn.
Clidemia donnellsmithii Cogn.
Clidemia epiphytica (Triana) Cogn. var. epiphytica
Clidemia epiphytica (Triana) Cogn. var. trichocalyx (Blake) Wurdack
Clidemia evanescens Almeda
Clidemia folsomii Almeda
Clidemia fraterna Gleason
Clidemia fulva Gleason
Clidemia garciabarrigae Wurdack
Clidemia globuliflora (Cogn.) L.O. Williams
Clidemia gracilis Pittier
Clidemia hammelii Almeda
Clidemia hirta (L.) D. Don
Clidemia inopinata Almeda
Clidemia involucrata DC.
Clidemia japurensis DC. var. heterobasis (DC.) Wurdack
Clidemia lanuginosa Almeda
Clidemia laxiflora (Schltdl.) Walp. ex Naudin
Clidemia matudae L.O. Williams
Clidemia monantha L. O. Williams
Clidemia mortoniana Standl.
Clidemia myrmecina Gleason
Clidemia novemnervia (DC.) Triana
Clidemia oblonga Gleason
Clidemia octona (Bonpl.) L. O. Williams
Clidemia ombrophila Gleason
Clidemia ostrina Gleason
Clidemia pectinata Almeda
Clidemia petiolaris (Schltdl. & Cham.) Schltdl. ex Triana
Clidemia pittieri Gleason
Clidemia pubescens Gleason
Clidemia quinquenervia (Mill.) Almeda
Clidemia radicans Cogn.
Clidemia reitziana Cogn. & Gleason ex Gleason
Clidemia rodriguezii Almeda
Clidemia scopulina (Brandegee) L.O. Williams
Clidemia septuplinervia Cogn.
Clidemia sericea D. Don
Clidemia sessiliflora (Naudin) Cogn.
Clidemia setosa (Triana) Gleason
Clidemia spectabilis Gleason
Clidemia strigillosa (Sw.) DC.
Clidemia submontana Rose ex Gleason
Clidemia subpeltata Kriebel & Almeda
Clidemia taurina Gleason
Clidemia tenebrosa Almeda
Clidemia tetrapetala Almeda
Clidemia trichosantha Almeda
Clidemia tuerckheimii (Donn. Sm.) Gleason
Clidemia urceolata DC.
Clidemia utleyana Almeda
Clidemia ventricosa Almeda

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