Leandra subseriata (Naudin) Cogn.

Leandra_subseriata_5405 A. Leaf adaxial surface. B. Leaf abaxial surface. C. Detail of an inter node. D. Inflorescence. E. Close up of a flower. F. Close up of a flower (note older flower with stamens turning red). G. Bombus volluceloides buzzing a flower. Voucher. (A-F) Costa Rica: Heredia, Barva, San José de la Montaña, Sacramento, Finca Ingrid Steinvorth, 1750 m, 23 de diciembre 2009, R. Kriebel & D. Santamaria 5405 (INB). (G) Costa Rica: Cerros de Escazu, R. Kriebel s. n.
Leandra_subseriata_RK5405Voucher same as above.

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