Miconia intricata Triana

Legend. A. Abaxial surface of the leaf. B. Close up of the abaxial surface of the leaf base (note the two knobby projections). C. Side view of the leaf base. D. Inflorescence. E. Close up of the flower (side view). (F-L, photographs of dissections from material in spirit) F. Flower. G. Petal. H. Side view of the stamen. I. Side view of the two anther types. J. Anther pores of the two anther types. K. Longitudinal section of a flower with stamens and petals removed. L. Style. Voucher. Costa Rica: Limón, Pococí, P.N. Braulio Carrillo, Sector Quebrada González, sendero Las Palmas, 29 de julio 2008, R. Kriebel 5325 (INB).

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