Miconia lonchophylla Naudin

Miconia_lonchophylla_RK5749A. Leaf abaxial surface. B. Habit. C. Flower. Voucher. Panama: Chiriqui, Sendero Rio Hornito, 21 de Septiembre 2011, R. Kriebel & J. Burke 5749 (NY, PMA).

Miconia_lonchophylla_RK5301A. Branch. B. Infructescence. C. Fruiting branch. D. Close up infructescence. Voucher. Costa Rica: San José, Escazú, Los Toledos, 9.919852, -84.155799, 1200 a 1300 m, 23 de julio 2008, R. Kriebel 5301 (INB).

Miconia_lonchophylla_RK3037A. Flower from material in spirit. B. Longitudinal section of a flower at anthesis. C. Petal. D. Lateral view of a stamen. E. Style. Voucher. Costa Rica: San José, Acosta, Cerros de Escazú, Finca Salvaje, 9.8497950, -84.16024, 16600-1700 m , 26 de marzo 2003, R. Kriebel 3037 (INB).

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