Miconia nutans Donn. Sm.

Miconia_nutans_RK5431_plate. Branch with infructescence. B. Abaxial leaf surface. C. Flowers. D. Immature fruits. E. Flower from material in spirit. F. Longitudinal section of flower with petals and stamens removed. G. Close up of a longitudinal section of a hypanthium/ovary. H. Petal. I. Lateral view of a stamen. J. Style.Voucher. Costa Rica: Cartago, Jiménez, Pejibaye, Turrialba, La Marta, Centro Histórico, 4 de enero 2010, 700-800 m, R. Kriebel et al. 5431 (INB, NY).

OO421_1013Voucher. Panamá: Provincia de Chiriquí, Reserva Forestal Fortuna. Sendero la casa verde, a un costado de la estación biológica del STRI, 8°43’59” N, 82°14’15” W, 1110m, 20 enero 2012, O.Ortiz et al. 421 (PMA, SCZ). Photograph by Orlando C. Ortiz.

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