Miconia ricardoi Kriebel & Almeda

M. richardii
Drawing from the protologue.

A. Inflorescence branch (note large foliaceous bracteoles). B. Longitudinal section of the hypanthium and ovary. C. Flower. D. Longitudinal section of a flower. E. Petal. F. Lateral view of a stamen. G. Ventral, slight side view and side view of an anther. H. Style. Voucher. Costa Rica: Cartago, El Guarco, P. N. Tapantí, entre Salsipuedes y Loma del Indio, 9.6538109, -83.8443319, 2600 a 2700 m, 7 de junio 2003, R. Kriebel et al. 3384 (INB).

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