Monochaetum floribundum (Schltdl.) Naudin

A. Underside of branch (Note dense indument of erect hairs). B. Flower. C. Lateral view of a stamen of each of the two sets. D. Branch with galls. E. Petal. F. Flower from material in spirit. G. Longitudinal section of a flower with all but two stamen removed. H. Gynoecium. I. Antepetalous stamen. J. Antesepalous stamen. K. Gall. L. Longitudinal section of a gall (Note larva of the Lepidoptera family Momphidae inside to the left). M. View from below of the larva. N. Close up of the head of the larva. Voucher: Costa Rica: San José, Escazú, Bebedero, 1800 m, 29 de diciembre 2013, R. Kriebel 5825 (NY-spirit).

Monochaetum_floribundum_RKsnVoucher. Costa Rica: San José, Cerros de Escazú, R. Kriebel s.n.

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