Tibouchina Aubl.

Tibouchina aspera Aubl.
Tibouchina bipenicillata (Naudin) Cogn.
Tibouchina breedlovei Wurdack
Tibouchina chiapensis Wurdack
Tibouchina ciliaris (Vent.) Cogn.
Tibouchina heteromalla (D. Don) Cogn.
Tibouchina inopinata Wurdack
Tibouchina longifolia (Vahl) Baill.
Tibouchina longisepala Cogn.
Tibouchina mexicana (D. Don) Cogn.
Tibouchina naudiniana (Decne.) Cogn.
Tibouchina urvilleana (DC.) Cogn.
Tibouchina wurdackii Almeda & Todzia

3 thoughts on “Tibouchina Aubl.

  1. No Tibouchina semidecandra – Cogn.in your list
    (Víctor Ramírez 26 Det. by: J. F. Morales, VIII 1993 Phenology: FL 13 August 1993
    09:43N 84:03W 2300 m SAN JOSE, DOTA Cordillera de Talamanca.
    Arbusto de 3 m. Botones florales morado rojizos. Flores lila.)
    Had trouble in distinguishing Melatoma species from Sumatra M.affine and M.malabathricum from sterile specimens.Could T.semidecandria be a variety within thel ist of Tibouchina Aubl. given here?

    • Hi Paul. The list on here follows Dr. Almeda’s Flora Mesoamericana and in that treatment Tibouchina semidecandra is absent. That species just like T. heteromalla and T. urvilleana (which are in his treatment) would be introduced in Costa Rica. It is possible there was a mix up in the identifications of specimens as T. semidecandra. I do not have access to a herbarium these days but looking at MO’s Tropicos, neither of the specimens identified as T. semidecandra from Costa Rica were identified by Dr. Almeda who would know the names for South American introduced taxa best. On the other hand several are identified as T. heteromalla and T. urvilleana by Dr. Almeda which makes me think this is what we are talking about as introduced in CR. Looking at the T. urvilleana specimens, the same one you mentioned as T. semidecandra, Ramirez 26, was corrected by Dr. Almeda as T. urvilleana in 1998.

      Also, Tibouchina semidecandra is indeed a validly recognized species recently resurrected as Pleroma semidecandrum. There has been several changes recently in and around Tibouchina.

      I hope this helps, R

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